Welcome Board Gamer!

Buying games is easy…

building a collection that you are proud of is a science…

having the right game, at the right moment, for the right people that brings joy to the whole table…

Now, that is an art!

Hi, I’m Ken. I’m passionate about board games and helping others find games that they love. I’ve been collecting and playing board games for 10 years and have learned a lot along the way. I believe that everyone deserves to play great games with the ones they love and have a collection wherein each title brings them joy.

So, I’m here to teach you the art of building a board game collection!

Latest from the Blog

All Tracks Lead to 18xx

Train Tuesday I talked to one of my friends on the phone today and we had a really interesting conversation about the trajectory of strategy board gamers. The argument is that no matter where you start in the hobby, if you enjoy deep strategy and critical thinking, you will ultimately end up playing 18xx. SomeContinue reading “All Tracks Lead to 18xx”

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