Introducing the Board Game librarian

Hidden behind a door in the guest bedroom of our Seattle town home, there is a walk-in closet that houses my board game library. The closet is quite small and if you are standing in it you can’t really close the door, but it is easily one of my favorite spots in the whole house because in that room my board game are on full display. I love showing it off to those who demonstrate even the smallest amount of interest. It’s a lean, but robust collection, carefully organized and curated for one main goal: to elicit joy through sharing our wonderful hobby with others.

For others, the joy comes with exploring and discovering how fun modern board games can be.

For me, the joy comes from teaching and cultivating the tastes of those who gather around my table.

I’m starting this blog and newsletter to share with other hobbyists everything I have learned in the last 10 years, specifically:

  • To teach everything I know about strategically choosing board games and building a collection.
  • To pass on helpful resources that have been invaluable to me as I’ve grown in the hobby
  • And to build a community of gamers who are passionate about sharing the joy of our hobby with others.
Why do you call yourself the Board Game Librarian?

Well, first it’s a bit of a joke among my friends. I always have a handful of games loaned out. I even buy extra copies of games with the sole purpose of lending them to others. Right now, I have nearly a dozen games checked out and I just received a message from someone hoping to “exchange” a couple they borrowed for something new.

It also just happens to be a really great picture of the way I hope this blog grows over time. As someone who has been through grad school, I can tell you that a good librarian is worth their weight in gold. They are custodians of ideas, seekers of knowledge, and advocates for their students. I want to take up a similar mantle for the board game community.

Anyway, enough about me…

Tell me a bit about you

I’d love to hear about your board game journey, capture your questions, and make sure you are the first to hear about my new posts. Plus as a bit of a bonus, I’ll pass on my most recent guide for thinking strategically about your own library. Just drop your email in the form below. I can’t wait to connect.

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