Game Round Up | 9.21-27

What I’ve Been Playing Sunday

Well it’s been a slow week for Board Gaming but I’ve got a couple game nights on the calendar for this upcoming week.

Yet, to be fair this is basically what Covid has looked like for me. Gloomhaven with my wife and 18xx online with my buddies.


What to say about GH that hasn’t been said already? Well, honestly it’s the first game, out of literally hundreds, that I thought my wife wouldn’t like and she ended up loving! My wife is a Eurogamer through and through. She doesn’t care much for narrative. She cares even less about dudes on maps. But she loves good card play and the GH action selection puzzle just can’t be beat. It’s easily one of our most played games and it is definitely the most requested of the year. We are currently playing Jaws of the Lion characters in the base game and it’s a lot of fun!


I’ve been playing a ton of 18xx games on the new website by Toby Mao and Co. If you’ve ever been interested in trying an 18xx title, makes it so easy. In fact, I’m currently working on a new player’s guide for the site and 18Chesapeake specifically. So, if you are interested, be sure to stick around.

Anyway, 1836JR is one of the lesser played games on the site. It’s a bit of an odd title with some unique rules, low paying, and a brutal train rush. In my opinion, it’s the best three player game on the site and the closest title to the grandfather of train games, 1830. If you are familiar with 30, it’s easy to pick up and lot of fun.

Just a quick update for today! See ya tomorrow for Mechanic Monday

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