3 Board Game Apps Getting Me Through Covid

Wired Wednesday

Covid has had a really interesting impact on the board gaming community. So many of us have had to give up or at least shrink our weekly game nights and a lot of that traffic has moved online. Tabletop Simulator and Board Game Arena have been seeing more users than ever before. I’ve used those platforms and have really enjoyed them because they allow you to simulate playing the actual board game in a digital space. However, in the midst of Covid, my attention has been drawn to board game apps that give a streamlined digital experience.

Here are my 3 most played Board Game Apps since the beginning of Covid:

1) Onirim – If you’ve never played Onirim, do not finish this blog post. Instead, use the 5 minutes you set aside to read blogs to download the app and play a game. Yes, Onirim is that quick of a game. Do you only have a few minutes while you are finishing lunch? You’ve got time for Onirim. Do you want to squeeze in a quick game between meetings? You’ve got time for Onirim.

In Onirim, you are trying to collect sets of cards that allow you to unlock “door” cards. Once all of the doors are unlocked, you win. The interesting thing about its gameplay is that you have to play a card each turn and when you do you either discard it or play it to a river—card game term for a line of cards in the middle of the table. The rule is that you can play the same color card—this is how you build sets to unlock doors— but you have to play different icons. So you can play a sun icon after a moon icon, but not another sun. Three of the same color in a row and you unlock a door. Of course, the risk is that every time you play or discard you have to draw and you might draw a spirit card. When you do you have to pick a bad consequence and if you run out of cards in the deck before you unlock all of the doors you lose. It’s quite thinky and it plays so fast.

The base version of Onirim is free and there is more than enough puzzle in the free version to keep you entertained for hours. Another great thing about Onirim is that is was built to be a solo game, so it transitions extremely well to 1-player app experience.

In Summary:

  • It’s free
  • It’s fast
  • It’s great for 1-player

2) Onitama

3) Through the Ages

To be continued next Wired Wednesday!

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