All Tracks Lead to 18xx

Train Tuesday I talked to one of my friends on the phone today and we had a really interesting conversation about the trajectory of strategy board gamers. The argument is that no matter where you start in the hobby, if you enjoy deep strategy and critical thinking, you will ultimately end up playing 18xx. SomeContinue reading “All Tracks Lead to 18xx”

Game Mechanic Monday: Tech Trees

Game Mechanic Monday Heralded as the progenitor of 18xx games, Francis Tresham was one of the lead innovators of board game design in the 1970s-80s. In an interview I listened to it was so abundantly clear that this, however, wasn’t really his intention. Instead, he just very much wanted to play games that were interestingContinue reading “Game Mechanic Monday: Tech Trees”

Game Round Up | 9.21-27

What I’ve Been Playing Sunday Well it’s been a slow week for Board Gaming but I’ve got a couple game nights on the calendar for this upcoming week. Yet, to be fair this is basically what Covid has looked like for me. Gloomhaven with my wife and 18xx online with my buddies. Gloomhaven What toContinue reading “Game Round Up | 9.21-27”

18Chesapeake Strategy Guide | Game 2

I’ve been writing a bunch of strategy blurbs for 18xx and am starting to combine them into a guide for beginner’s. One of my friend’s asked for some game 2 advice, so this is what I wrote. So you’ve made it through your first game of 18Chesapeake, which was quite possibly your first game ofContinue reading “18Chesapeake Strategy Guide | Game 2”