Game Round Up | 9.21-27

What I’ve Been Playing Sunday Well it’s been a slow week for Board Gaming but I’ve got a couple game nights on the calendar for this upcoming week. Yet, to be fair this is basically what Covid has looked like for me. Gloomhaven with my wife and 18xx online with my buddies. Gloomhaven What toContinue reading “Game Round Up | 9.21-27”

A Quick Guide to Cataloging Your Board Game Collection

Collection Strategy Saturday The first step in successfully curating a board game collection is cataloging the titles that you’ve already acquired. I started building my board game collection in 2009. The first game in my collection was Smallworld. I was living in the residence hall during my undergraduate studies and I am pretty sure IContinue reading “A Quick Guide to Cataloging Your Board Game Collection”

18Chesapeake Strategy Guide | Game 2

I’ve been writing a bunch of strategy blurbs for 18xx and am starting to combine them into a guide for beginner’s. One of my friend’s asked for some game 2 advice, so this is what I wrote. So you’ve made it through your first game of 18Chesapeake, which was quite possibly your first game ofContinue reading “18Chesapeake Strategy Guide | Game 2”

When Birding and Board Gaming Collide

Top 20 Thursday On Thursdays, I take a look at a game in the top 20, talk about one aspect of the game that I believe helped it secure its spot in the rankings, and then mention a few titles you may enjoy if you liked the game of the day. Today’s game includes flockContinue reading “When Birding and Board Gaming Collide”

5 Reasons to Play the New Gloomhaven Video Game

When it comes to Gloomhaven, I was a little late to the party. A friend of mine backed the original Kickstarter, but after playing a couple times, we were unable to find a time to get the group together to really dive into the campaign. I could see the brilliance behind the card play system,Continue reading “5 Reasons to Play the New Gloomhaven Video Game”